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Real estate credit

What is a real estate loan?

A mortgage is most often established in the form of a loan for a specific amount granted by a bank or a specialized financial institution, although in some special cases there are also mortgage opening formulas that can be used by drawdown within a total limit.

It can also be established over a long period of time (several years or decades) except in the case of a bridge loan covering a waiting period between the purchase of a property and the resale of another property or another expected financial income, at a fixed rate over the entire duration of the mortgage, or a variable rate.

Similarly, real estate loans may be linked to a personal contribution. However, financing of the entire acquisition (acquisition cost of the property + notary fees + guarantee cost) is always possible.

Real estate advice

Practical advice whatever your real estate project

Whatever is your real estate project, it cannot be improvised. Sale of real estate, purchase of a house or apartment, rental or letting, each project involves specific steps that are essential to know.

Buying a property is a major project that requires you to be well informed before you start.

Selling your property is rarely easy, due to a lack of knowledge of the real estate market.

Searching and finding a rental seems to be more and more complicated for some people.

The value of a property is one of the most important information when it comes to real estate sales.

A real estate agency can help you find an
adequate property.

Real estate investment

Investing in rental property

If you are looking for the safest and most profitable investments, both to prepare for your retirement and to pass on your assets to your loved ones, rental property investment appears to be the perfect solution. The problems related to the economic situation affect real estate less than other sectors. Visit for more about rental properties.

Seasonal rental

Seasonal rental is a good deal

Seasonal rental is an easy technique to exceed the 10% yield is to rent by the season, i.e. by the week or by the day. This type of rental is particularly interesting if you live in a touristic region. Owning a rental property is a serious concentration of the individual assets.

Investment properties

The report building is a good choice

A report building is actually a building in which you invest and which includes several apartments; we call it a rental building. This type of investment can be scary, especially if it is your first investment. Learn more about it with real estate experts before you go for it.

Parking lots

Parking lots for a large fortune

The advantage of car parks is that the price is much lower than for traditional real estate. It is sometimes possible to buy a car park for €5,000, including notary fees! It is even possible to pay cash, which I advise against if you want to benefit from the leverage effect.

Furnished rental

Furnished rentals make it possible to obtain a better profitability

On average, a furnished apartment costs 25% more to rent than an unfurnished one. By purchasing furniture, it is therefore easy to increase the rent of an apartment, and therefore the return on investment, wich you’ll discover more on The fact that an apartment is furnished creates an initial difference with empty apartments. But the added bonus of furnished rentals is that they offer the possibility of creating a special feeling among potential tenants through attractive furnishings and decoration.

Real estate renovation work

Home renovation: which work should be undertaken as a priority?

Home renovation is a major project for homeowners. Quite often, it’s the result of a need on the part of the occupants to improve their comfort, but not only that. Homeowners are then confronted with the work and can get lost. After all, it’s not every day we get ready to invest several thousand euros in our property. You’ll need to follow Your Invest News frequently to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest news on your property’s renovation project.

Renovate to improve comfort

Houses built decades ago no longer offer the same comfort as modern homes. This type of housing has shortcomings in terms of insulation, ventilation and heating systems that make people’s lives less comfortable than in modern housing. In particular, it is possible to have a feeling of cold under the attic, on stairs, etc.

Renovate to enhance the value

Maintaining your home is one thing. This makes it possible to offer future buyers a property in good condition. However, it may be wise to invest in renovation work in order to better enhance the value of your property. By carrying out renovation work, it is possible to achieve savings that will offset the initial investment over time.

Have a healthy & secure home

Health and safety are often poorly assessed when discussing the benefits of a renovation project. However, the installation of appropriate ventilation with VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation) allows better air circulation, brings healthy air from outside and evacuates stale air from the dwelling.

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