Real estate insurance

Why take out a home insurance?

In life, it is almost impossible to predict the inevitable, but we can still anticipate it by taking the right steps to make sure that it happens without causing too much damage. Taking out home insurance allows you, for example,…

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Home & Living residential building insurance

It is an important thing for tenants and landlords: Building insurance in the ancillary costs. Anyone who owns an apartment building or is a member of a community of owners is generally aware of the importance of reliable building insurance….

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These insurances are really important for real estate owners

Home and landowners’ liability, residential building insurance, legal protection insurance for owners: there are many offers – but not everyone makes sense. Which insurances every homeowner should take out? Residential building insurance: A residential building insurance covers many damages by…

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Why take out home insurance?

Unlike car insurance, home insurance is only mandatory for tenants, which is why homeowners and co-owners often tend to neglect it. And yet, it is an essential provision to protect your property from any possible incident and damage. But what…

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Criteria for choosing home insurance

Although it is mandatory only for tenants, home insurance is a feature that landlords cannot ignore since it protects property and the property itself. Due to the multitude of offers available, it often becomes difficult to choose. It will then…

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