In life, it is almost impossible to predict the inevitable, but we can still anticipate it by taking the right steps to make sure that it happens without causing too much damage. Taking out home insurance allows you, for example, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Your home, your treasure

Your home is your refuge. You store all your valuable possessions (sentimental or economic). That's why it's important to have insurance that protects your wealth. So don't take it lightly and don't skimp on expenses because everything is to be expected! Depending on the options chosen, your insurance will cover your belongings whatever the cause: fire, water damage, natural risk, theft... It may seem foolish to pay for a possible snowstorm, especially if you are in the South, but the climatic changes can surprise you! Every circumstance can be a potential danger and must be taken into consideration. There are therefore several insurances with several optional and complementary guarantees. Know them all so you can make the right choice!

Real estate and property

Home insurance covers the walls, ceilings, installations and floors of your home. It is standard if you live in a detached house or property without a common wall. If you live in a condominium, find out about community insurance to find out if it only covers common areas or more. Property is all the objects that are in your house or apartment. These can include appliances, furniture, jewellery, clothing or electronic items such as computers, televisions, tablets or mobile phones. If you are a tenant and have few valuables, you may think about not taking one, but if there are items left by the owner (oven, fridge, washing machine), it is safer to take one. It should also be noted that home insurance is always paid for by the owner in the event of a rental.

Civil liability

Civil liability insurance, although not compulsory in the case of home insurance, may be considered. It covers serious accidents that cause physical damage to third parties. Compensation can be high and have consequences on your assets. If you do not have enough cash, you should, for example, sell some assets to pay the fees. Having homeowners' liability insurance is therefore essential to anticipate the many unforeseen events that can occur in your home. In a way, it makes you feel safer.