When you receive booking requests for your holiday rental, it is essential to prepare your property. Whether before, during or after their arrival, you must give your tenants a welcome worthy of your property. In this article, find out how to become the perfect host and get positive feedback on your ad. If you are planning to rent your property for vacation, check www.for-sale.com for more information.

Before the arrival of the tenants

Do you know the arrival date of your tenants? So you can start preparing your property. If your former tenants leave your home on the same day as the newcomers, they should not notice. The tenants expect a clean holiday rental. You must therefore clean your property from top to bottom. It is also necessary to change the bed sheets, towels, household linen and check that there are still dishes, soap and toilet paper (and yes, you have to think of everything!). Once the rental is ready to welcome your tenants, you can prepare a snack or an aperitif and place it on the table. This attention will please newcomers.

Upon arrival of the tenants: if you are on site

If you are there to welcome your tenants, you can open your doors to them with a smile on your face. Indeed, this first impression is important and will allow travellers to feel directly at home with you. To start, we recommend that you open your shutters and windows if the weather permits and place fresh flowers in different rooms of the house. Thus, the tenants will be welcomed in a bright and warm house. Then, give them some time to settle in, put down their coats and suitcases before taking them for a tour of the owner. Room by room you can explain where the sheets and towels are, how the appliances work, how the sofa bed unfolds and how the fireplace works. In the kitchen, take time to explain how the dishwasher works, the coffee machine and where the utensils are located. This will allow your tenants to manage on their own. Once the visit is over, let your tenants rest. Indeed, they have probably been on the road and are looking for a rest. It's up to you to test their attitude. If they seem open to conversation, take the opportunity to explain the history of the house or give them tips for visits around. Also offer flyers with local activities and walks. Before leaving the premises, do not forget to ask for the security deposit, or bond, if you have requested it in person. Finally, you can leave your keys and let your tenants enjoy your property.

The small attentions

What better way to make your tenants' stay in your second home more pleasant? You will see, pleasing holidaymakers is not that complicated. Creation of a welcome booklet Even if you have taken the time to explain how appliances work to your tenants when they arrive, we recommend that you gather all the important information in a booklet. In this booklet, you can note the arrival and departure conditions and add all the instructions for use of the various household items. You can also add the waste sorting operating sheet, emergency numbers, market schedules or any other information you think is important to make your tenants' stay easier. Offer regional flavours Travellers come to rest but also to discover a city, a region. Take the opportunity to offer them a local product: a bottle of wine, a pastry, a filled basket... In any case, you can leave your tenants a basket of seasonal fruit and enough to make hot drinks. Do them a favor. You can facilitate the arrival (or departure) of your tenants by offering to pick them up at the station or airport for example. This welcome will allow tenants to appreciate the efforts you are making to make their stay more enjoyable.