New life, new city, new nest: many things change in a new chapter of life and it is not always easy to adapt to a new pace and new neighborhood habits. Have you ever woken up without knowing where you were? This anxiety of not recognizing one's own bed or even one's spouse is quite common among people going through an intense period of stress or change. This may happen from time to time but there is no way to make it a habit. When you move into a new environment, this moment of hesitation is quite normal because you lose all your old sensory landmarks of the night: more or less urban noise or animals, the insulation of the common walls with your neighbors can be different, as can the noise of pipes and household appliances in standby. The orientation of our headboard can also change our mood and sleep. That is, we should favor the Northeast for a more rested head and a deeper sleep. By changing environment, it is difficult to find your way around. It is then necessary to pay attention to the circulation of energies in your new home. Thus, by improving the fluidity of movements between parts, it will be easier to move around...

Organize methodically

Do not procrastinate in unpacking your belongings once the inventory of fixtures has been approved. Once the boxes have been unpacked, you must know how to arrange your objects methodically and assign them a place according to their function. For example, we are not going to throw the cardboard box containing the cutlery and toaster into the future guest room, just because there is no more room in the kitchen "for now". This kind of physical and illogical clutter will affect your morale and you will feel overwhelmed. Each object must be unpacked in its function room to determine and prioritize its storage.

Personalize and determine your comfort needs

A new environment means new habits, and a new decoration! When moving, it is essential to know how to sort your belongings properly and to re-evaluate the sentimental attachment to your clothes or knickknacks. We then know the trend of Marie Kondo's method and her rule for the "spark of joy" that each object to be guarded must provide. After this sorting, both material and emotional, it is time to update your needs. In the minimalist trend, we will therefore only keep the essentials and that's all. But in real life, it is always a pleasure to offer to yourself, or to be offered, new elements for a new home. For example, you never really know what kind of person lived before you in this rental. The most superstitious will burn sage to ward off evil spirits, others will settle for a new candle to install their own scent. A new home also calls for a new comfort, which can be found through cushions or curtains, favoring natural tones and materials such as linen or organic cotton, to be sober and up to date.