Unlike the sale of a house or apartment, the sale of land must comply with certain regulations imposed by legislation before transactions can begin. If you wish to sell a piece of land or part of your property, discover the steps to be taken and the documents you will need.

Consult an expert

Before selling a property, you should first consult the official documents governing the planning rules by region to find out if you are entitled to transfer a share of your property, but also to determine whether or not it is constructible. These elements will allow you to define the price of the property, but also to determine if other administrative procedures will have to be used if these conditions are not met. You will also need to be informed about the different easements that will also influence its value: electricity, gas and water pipes, connection to the public sewer, right of way, servicing...

Estimate the value of the land

Before selling a property, it is also essential to estimate the price of the land, but before that, you will first have to evaluate its surface area. For this step, the use of a surveyor is essential since only this professional will be able to measure, limit and produce the cadastral parcel document. Usually, the surveyor's costs are your responsibility, but it is possible that by using a real estate agency, you will be freed from this task. Once the surface area of the land has been evaluated, you can estimate its price. It will depend on several factors: characteristics of the land (nature of the soil, exposure...), property prices per m² in the region, accessibility and location, proximity to the road or not, etc. To know a price estimate, do not hesitate to contact a real estate professional.

Make it viable and then find a buyer

To optimize the value of your land for sale, it is also advisable to first carry out a servicing, i.e. connect the property to the main networks (water, electricity, gas, sanitation). You can then prospect and advertise to find potential buyers. To do this, you can publish ads on real estate media or tools offered on the Internet. Remember to present the property well to seduce the buyer during the visit: cleaning, clearing, etc.