"Home staging" is also becoming more and more important everywhere, i.e. we equip empty houses or apartments with temporary facilities. We have also already furnished several properties for our customers, and with great success. In the USA and the Scandinavian countries, homestaging has long been an integral part of the marketing concept for the sale of real estate.

What does home staging mean?

Buying and renting real estate is pure emotion! It is decisive that a prospective customer gets a positive impression at the first contact with the real estate - be it as a photo or during the inspection. It is about feeling the future living. Empty rooms or old-fashioned furnishings obstruct the right view of the property. The first impression is decisive. An attractively furnished room inspires the imagination, directs the view to the potentials of an object and lets the prospective customer dream: A comfortable place of retreat, a sociable get-together with friends, a nest for children.

This is how a higher selling price can be achieved

There are some good reasons for home staging. Not only is the imagination of the prospective buyer stimulated during the visit, as well as on pictures in the exposé, so that it is easier to imagine yourself living in this property. This means that the property can be successfully marketed much more quickly. Studies show that the marketing period can be shortened by up to 65%. This saves time, as many viewing appointments are cancelled. By Homestaging besides not only a higher selling price can be obtained, but also some costs be saved, like for example the costs of adjusting the real estate on on-line portals. The money that is spent on the professional equipment is therefore in most cases recovered by the selling price and the shorter marketing period. As a seller, you will quickly find the right buyer and achieve your desired price. The furnishing style does not have to apply one hundred percent to the buyer, but it should be friendly and modern so that as many potential buyers as possible find the property attractive at first glance.