There are two solutions if you want to sell your house: sell it without going through a real estate agency, or entrust the sale of the house to an agency. Selling without an agency saves commission money. On the other hand, using an agency saves time. If you want to sell a property and you want to know more information about it, check

Selling your home without an agency

It is quite possible to sell your house without a real estate agency. This is referred to sales between private individuals. Selling without an agency has a significant advantage: it saves agency commissions, often between 5% and 10% of the selling price. Selling your home without an agency allows you to have a higher net selling price. However, there are disadvantages of selling between private individuals: you have to take care of all the procedures yourself. Here are the steps to follow to sell your house without going through a real estate agency: - Write and publish the ad; it must contain all the characteristics of the house and describe it as accurately as possible. You must indicate in particular: the surface area, the number of rooms, the type of heating, etc. The ad has a commercial function. You must make potential buyers want to buy, while remaining honest and transparent. It is advisable to include as many photos as possible in the ad. The easiest way to publish the ad of your house for sale is to use the internet. - Of course, you must also determine the selling price of your home. To do this, you must rely on both the characteristics of your home and the real estate prices in your neighbourhood. Consult the real estate offers on the internet to get an idea of the value of your property by comparison. For more information on real estate price factors, read the "Real Estate Price" sheet. You can also consult a notary to receive advice on the value of your home. - The next step is to organize the visits. You must prepare your arguments in advance and above all present your house in its best light on visiting days. Your home must be tidy, clean, airy and tidy. Emphasize during the visits the strengths of your home, but do not omit the negative points. You must remain transparent and gain the confidence of buyers. - You must also gather all the documents related to your home so that potential buyers can easily access them. This goes from the maintenance booklet to the co-ownership regulations if there is one. - Next step: the realization of all technical diagnoses; the list of diagnoses to be carried out according to the houses and their location. One of the most important for buyers is the energy diagnosis. - You must then draft the sales agreement, to learn more about the role and function of the "Deed of sale of real estate" sheet. It is always the seller who is responsible for drafting the sales agreement. It is advisable to use a notary, even if this is not a legal obligation. - The signing of the final deed of sale is the last step. For this last step, you must necessarily use the services of a notary. For more information, read the "Deed of sale of real estate" sheet.

Sell your house through an agency

If you go through a real estate agency, it will take care of all the steps related to the sale of your house: writing and publishing the real estate ad, setting the price, organizing the visits, carrying out the diagnoses, drafting the sales agreement, etc. To learn more about the role and operation of a real estate agency, read the "Real Estate Agency" sheet. Good to know: most agencies will offer you an exclusive sales mandate, but you don't have to accept it. To maximize your chances of selling your home, you can entrust the sale of your property to several agencies. It is advisable to use two or three different agencies. Advantages of selling your home with an agency:
  • You have nothing to manage, which saves you a lot of time.
  • Real estate agencies know perfectly well the prices of real estate and will help you to estimate your house at its fair value.
Disadvantages of selling with an agency:
  • The agency is remunerated in the form of a commission of between 5% and 10% of the selling price. Going through an agency involves a significant cost.