The purchase of a property is a step that cannot be considered lightly given that it is a life project. Due to the constantly changing real estate market, but also the administrative procedures to be carried out, this operation can be difficult, which is why it is important to prepare the purchase well.

Determine your needs

One of the first things to do when considering buying a home is certainly to estimate the budget you have at your disposal. Indeed, before you start looking for a home that can meet your needs and desires, you will need to know how much money you have. If you are considering taking out a mortgage, find out how much you can get in order to get an idea of which homes are within your reach and which ones to exclude. You will also have to think about the type of housing you want to buy according to this budget, then choose between buying a new property or an old one. From the very beginning of your project, do not hesitate to ask your real estate agency for advice to make your task easier.

Should I go through a real estate agency?

The use of a real estate agency can have many advantages when buying a property since its team will take care of all the steps to be taken, such as finding the right property for you, organising the visit, negotiating the price and assisting you when signing the contract. There are also agencies that offer various services that can make your task easier, such as checking technical diagnoses, handling disputes in the event of a dispute after the sale, real estate advice, etc. However, note that these services have a cost that can multiply expenses, which is why more and more people are turning to transactions between individuals to reduce agency fees.

Selection criteria to be considered

To choose the right property to acquire, it is essential to determine the criteria corresponding to what you are looking for: - Geographic location (region, city, district) - Living area and number of rooms - Environment around: close to a business, noisy, etc. - Proximity to community places and public roads: road, public transport, school, grocery store... Also be aware that several factors such as the location of the house and the neighborhood residence can also influence the price of the sale. It is therefore advisable to choose a district whose price per m² is not too high if you have a limited budget.