Most holidaymakers want to be able to spend their holidays in their own house. As an example, almost 1 million Germans have already fulfilled their dream of a holiday property in their own country. Also the number of the foreign real estate’s rises in times of low interest rates constantly.

Put the apartment and its surroundings through their paces

A holiday property is a very good investment in the future. It serves as an old-age provision and makes you more independent. In a property in a popular holiday area, you can take a holiday whenever you like. Unpleasant neighbors, bad food in the hotel and permanently occupied loungers by the pool are a thing of the past. Nobody else can take your own lounger.

Buy only after careful consideration

Especially on holiday, one often sees beautiful houses that arouse the desire to own. Even if you are enthusiastic, you should never buy a holiday property out of a holiday mood. Before you buy, you should check the building substance and location carefully. Buying a holiday home only makes sense if it has a popular location. If the house is so dilapidated that an extensive renovation is necessary, the purchase is usually not worthwhile.

Get to know your holiday destination

Get an idea of the customs and traditions in your holiday destination, and then you will have it easier later with the adjustment. Also the laws for the acquisition of a real estate are different from country to country. Familiarize yourself with them before buying. It is also useful to know how property prices will develop in the region. A holiday home that is easy to rent is particularly attractive. This means that most of the investment in renovation, furnishing or acquisition pays off. Germans can claim many costs from their local tax office. Because holiday properties are luxury goods, there is always the pressure to let the property profitably. Vacancies must be avoided as far as possible. In order to cover the maintenance costs, you should let the apartment to guests at least one third of the year.