A property purchase or sale has emotional and also economic reasons. Getting help from professionals can be very useful, but if you decide to sell your property on your own, we would like to give you some professional tips for private sales. Nevertheless, if you are interested in buying an apartment, check www.for-sale.com/. Before you start with the sale, you should think about the selling price. In our blog topic you will find "What sales price can I realistically expect? Here are pieces of advice.

How to increase the value of your property!

A neutral assessment of the appearance and condition of your property is very important. If you are too emotionally bound to the property yourself, you need someone who can evaluate your property neutrally and critically and explain the disadvantages of your property to you. Because with small changes the appearance and thus the value of your real estate can be easily increased:
  • Repair all the little things that you have always wanted to do.
  • Carry out a basic cleaning - or even better: let a professional do it for you.
  • Make sure you have a pleasant smell when you visit the property.
  • Reduce personal items to a minimum, as they can quickly distract.
  • Make room - In spacious rooms there is room for the interested parties to come up with their own design ideas.
  • Ensure a comfortable entrance area, both outside and inside.
  • Clear all shoes and jackets from the entrance area.
  • Demonstrate a pleasant living feeling with flowers, an open book or candles.
  • Set light color accents in all rooms, even in the bathroom.
  • Open all curtains and turn on all lights when viewing.

How to get potential customers

In order for potential customers to approach you, you should create an exposé with beautifully designed, sharp photos, taking into account most of the above points. The description should contain as many facts as possible so that interested parties can get a picture of the property.

Be prepared to accept any inspection appointments at short notice.

However, only give out the complete information about the property when you also get the contact details from the interested parties. When visiting the property, give the interested party time to look at everything and avoid talking to them yourself all the time. Always express understanding for the opinion of the prospective customer and try to limit your emotions. Even if, from your point of view, criticism of your property is unjustified, great advantages are not seen or appreciated or even a too low purchase price is offered. Remember, a buyer is just as emotional when buying as you are when selling and every coin always has two sides.