Your house no longer suits you, because your current situation is no longer suitable? You want to acquire more real estate to make it your business? You have designed your apartment to be competitive.

The basics

Managing your rental is sometimes difficult, initially, because of many criteria to be taken into account. Here are some tips to help any landlord in renting an apartment without misleading them. The first thing to remember is to specify the type of rental you are considering. Is it a furnished or empty house, apartment or villa, classic or seasonal? In which area is it located: city center or remote, tourist or isolated? These characteristics will be used to determine the target tenants (student or employee, single, couple or family, tourist or resident). Once the criteria have been established, it is essential to indicate the state of the premises. The law requires a minimum of decency as to the quality of your property. You will be asked to carry out a real estate diagnosis (energy performance, lead exposure, waterproofing, etc.) through a specialist.

The rates

Indeed, it is all about money. In the case of an apartment rental, how to set "win-win" rates? The choice is sometimes difficult, but you must take into account local market prices to serve as a beacon. If your offer is too low, its credibility with customers will be questioned; if it is too high, you will have to justify why your price differs from others. In addition, many elements come into play in determining the price: the geographical location, the living space, the quality of the furniture, the equipment, etc. If you want to win against the competition, especially avoid forgetting things, because every detail is good to justify the value of your home, even the smallest ones.

The steps to be taken

Managing your rental can be done either by an agency with all related costs, or by yourself. It all depends on your availability. Outside the agency, social networks, personal websites or simply word of mouth will help you find a tenant. Consider publishing quality photos of your apartment, as it is obvious that attention always begins with the visual. Once the process has started how to organize the visits? It depends on the current situation of your property: in rental or occupied vacation. Satisfying the customer is the best possible solution, without harming you. Group visits are to be avoided. At the time of signing the lease, the lessee must provide a copy of the last 3 salary slips or tax notices, the employment contract or employer's certificate, the RIB, the last 3 rent or property tax receipts and his identity card, to account for his solvency.