Seasonal rental can offer many advantages especially if you want to earn money in rental property while enjoying your holiday. In addition to allowing you to make ends meet, it can also help you pay the usual fees. Are you planning to do it? Discover the steps to know.

How to find your tenant?

To find potential tenants for a seasonal rental, you have a communication tool that is accessible to everyone, easy to use and above all free of charge, the Internet. Thanks to the web, you have at your disposal a multitude of platforms dedicated to house rental, so you just have to post an ad on different sites that potential tenants can consult. You have the possibility to publish as much information as possible about your property for rent and above all do not skimp on the details since the more detailed and well written your ad is, the sooner it will interest Internet users. Between social networks, rental platforms between individuals, professional networks and specialized sites, you have a wide range of choices.

Why use an agency?

While rental between private individuals is increasingly used by landlords, it should be noted that it may have certain disadvantages such as difficulty in finding a tenant or the security of the transaction. This is why the safest and most importantly the fastest method is to use the services of a real estate agency. Since she is specialized in the field, her team will take care of all the steps to be taken, including prospecting, advertising, visits, rent negotiations and signing the lease.  She can also advise you on the rental conditions to be implemented to maintain the condition of your property.

Seasonal rental, instructions for use

As it is often difficult to manage the administration of a holiday rental, the real estate agency can also offer you a rental management service, but to reduce your expenses and save money, you can perfectly take care of this step. To this end, it is important to inform the tenant, as soon as contact is made, about the regulations and procedures relating to the rental: - Access to certain parts - Right to smoke - Rules of good neighborliness, organization of celebrations - Number of tenants.... Also remember to mention certain elements in the rental contract to avoid any claim, in particular the rent, the duration of the stay (arrival and departure time), the amount of the security deposit and the related terms and conditions.